Novus has teamed up with R&D Systems to make great antibodies even better

Tue, 07/07/2015 - 13:04

R&D Systems' primary antibodies are made in house at our facility in Minneapolis, MN with the goal of creating the most specific and replicable lots of antibody available. From careful antigen design to in-house testing in multiple applications, the aim of R&D Systems is to maximize the specificity of each antibody and eliminate off target binding.  Going further, R&D Systems’ antibodies are repeatedly tested to ensure the industry’s best lot to lot reproducibility for a product you can count on in all of your experiments now, and later on in your project.

Flow cytometry requires primary antibodies conjugated to multiple fluorophores to allow multiplexing several targets to identify and characterize specific cell populations of interest.  Additionally, flow cytometry requires highly specific reagents that researchers can rely on because it is difficult to completely control for non-specific binding.  To address these needs, Novus Biologicals is now providing R&D antibodies conjugated to 7 different Alexa Fluor® dyes including Alexa Fluor® 350, 405, 488, 594, 647, 700, and 750.  Use them in your next flow cytometry experiment.  Reagents you can count on for data you can trust.

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