Weekly Highlights of Novus Antibody Lab

Wed, 03/31/2010 - 12:36

The end of March has proven to be a busy time for the Novus antibody lab. Seven new antibodies were launched, numerous antibody conjugations completed, and continuous quality control testing of new antibody lots.

Two of Novus' newly released products are c-Myc antibodies: clone 9E10 and clone 9E11. c-Myc is a transcription factor that is activated in a variety of tumor cells, and plays a critical role in cellular proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis and cell cycle progression. It is also a commonly used epitope tag engineered onto the N- or C-terminus of a protein of interest so that the tagged protein can be analyzed and visualized using immunochemical methods. Clone 9E11 is made to a synthetic peptide (AEEQKLISEEDL) conjugated to KLH, and is also available conjugated to Biotin, HRP, DyLight 488 and DyLight 549. Clone 9E10 is also available conjugated to Biotin, HRP, DyLight 488, DyLight 549 and DyLight 649.

Novus also released a RNA polymerase II Antibody (clone 4H8), PCNA Antibody (clone PC10), VEGF Antibody (clone VG1) and Cytokeratin 1 Antibody (clone LHK1). All new products added to the Novus antibody catalog within the past month can be viewed here.

The Novus antibody lab team conjugated several antibodies over the past week. The PMP22 Antibody (clone Hu1) was conjugated to biotin, and Blimp-1 Antibody (clone 3H2-E8) and Carbonic Anhydrase IX Antibody were both conjugated to HRP, to name just a few. A new lot of Novus' ABCG1 Antibody (cat # NB400-132) was QC tested in Western blot on Raw 264.7 Whole Cell [T0901317 treated and untreated lysates] and a new lot of the TYRO3 Antibody was tested on mouse brain lysate achieving a clear band at 96kDa. Continual QC testing of new antibody lots assures that all of Novus' antibodies are of the highest quality and specificity.


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