The Sox2 Antibody Aids Brain Cancer Research

Wed, 06/22/2011 - 07:47

The Sox2 antibody is widely used in sensory, neuroscience and stem cell marker research. Recently, Sox2 antibody preparations identified the Sox2 protein as a marker for malignant neural gliomas. We at Novus Biologicals offer a wide variety of highly validated Sox2 antibodies.

SOX2 (also known as SRY-related HMG BOX gene 2), encodes a transcription factor essential to embryonic stem cell pluripotency and early neural development. It forms a trimeric complex with OCT4, controlling expression of YES1, FGF4 and a number of other genes influencing embryonic development. In 2008, Zhao et al identified Sox2 as a key transcription factor for induced pluripotent stem cells, deducing its main function was to regulate Oct4 expression.

Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin: SOX2 Antibody

SOX2 mutations are associated with serious developmental and visual defects in children. Recently, the protein was found to up-regulate pepsinogen expression in the stomach; ectopic expression may play a role in the development of certain colorectal cancers. Now, scientists at Turin University have revealed a correlation between SOX2 expression and the development of malignant gliomas in human adults.

Annovazzi, et al. used Sox2 antibody preparations in immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and Western blot assays, to look at SOX2 expression in 16 glioblastoma cell lines, and in 133 surgical samples taken from brain gliomas of varying malignancy. SOX2 amplification correlated positively with hyperproliferation of glioblastoma cells, and the more severe grades of surgical glioma. However, SOX2 was not expressed in neuronal tumours, and its expression in medulloblastomas was dependant upon the degree of neuronal differentiation.

In future studies, the Sox2 antibody reagents in our antibody catalog may be used to further probe the development of glioblastomas and oligodendrogliomas in human patients.

Novus Biologicals offers many Sox2 reagents for your research needs including:


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