R&D and Novus Conjugated Primaries - a new standard in consistency

Novus has teamed up with R&D Systems to make great antibodies even better. R&D Systems’ primary antibodies will outperform the antibodies you’re currently using. They are made and tested in house to minimize off-target binding and provide maximum specificity. Then they are repeatedly tested to ensure the industry’s best lot-to-lot consistency. These specific, consistent, and sensitive antibodies are now available conjugated to 7 different Alexa Fluor® dyes through Novus. Use them in your next flow cytometry experiment. Reagents you can count on for data you can trust.


Better Than Bright

R&D Systems develops, manufactures, and tests high-quality conjugated antibodies and support products for flow cytometry.

Specificity certified. Specificity is your number one concern and it is our number one focus.In house development and testing of reagents to eliminate non-specific staining enables us to provide high specificity for every target.

Reproducibility from every lot. Large lots and the industry’s most rigorous routine QC to ensure no surprises, no ruined experiments. Sensitivity redefined. Maximum shift and minimal variance are required for the most sensitive measurements. We offer only optimal fluorophore-antigen combinations to ensure we meet these requirements.


Superior Selection

Novus offers more conjugated monoclonal antibodies than any other company. In every available conjugate option. Learn more and build your own multicolor antibody panel.

More monoclonal antibodies. Over 3,000 mAbs covering 5x more targets than any other flow company to open up a world of new possibilities for deeper characterization of more accurately defined cell populations.

More Colors. Build Large Panels or Add Additional Targets.

Novus offers over 17 colors per monoclonal antibody to make building large panels and adding targets to existing panels simple.

Use our new panel builder, Fluorofinder, to select antibodies for your multicolor flow cytometry panel!

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1. Alexa Fluor® 350: Emax 442nm. Brightness: 1. Not compatible with 7-AAD or DAPI staining.
1. Alexa Fluor® 405: Emax 421nm. Brightness 3. Use instead of BV421 or Pacific Blue™.
2. 7C: Emax 500nm. Brightness 1. Use instead of AmCyan or V500. Use on bright markers.
3. DyLight™ 405LS: Emax 572nm. Brightness 2. Use instead of Pacific Orange™.
1. Alexa Fluor® 488: Emax 519nm. Brightness 4. Use instead of FITC.
2. PE: Emax 576nm. Brightness 5. Use on dimly expressed markers.
3. PE/DyLight™ 594: Emax 617nm. Brightness 4. Tandem Dye. Use instead of PE/Texas Red.
4. PerCP: Emax 672nm. Brightness 2. Do not use on lasers >25mW.
5. PerCP/Cy5.5: Emax 693nm. Brightness 3. Tandem Dye. Do not use with PerCP.
6. PE/Cy7: Emax 785nm. Brightness 4. Tandem Dye.
1. PE: Emax 576nm. Brightness 5. Use on dimly expressed markers.
2. PE/DyLight™ 594: Emax 617nm. Tandem Dye. Use instead of PE/Texas Red.
3. PE/Cy7: Emax 785nm. Brightness 4. Tandem Dye.
1. APC: Emax 660nm. Brightness 5. Use on dimly expressed markers.
2. Alexa Fluor® 647: Emax: 668nm. Brightness 4. Do not use with APC.
3. Alexa Fluor® 700: Emax 719nm. Brightness 2.
4. Alexa Fluor® 750: Emax 775nm. Brightness 1. Use on bright markers instead of APC/Cy7

Alexa Fluor® is a registered trademark of Life Technologies. Alexa Fluor® dye conjugates contain(s) technology licensed to Novus by Life Technologies.