HA95: Regulator of Nuclear Envelope Dynamics

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 23:38

HA95 is a nuclear protein with high homology to the nuclear A-kinase anchoring protein AKAP95, involved in the regulation of nuclear envelope-chromatin interactions. Antibody immunostaining data indicate that HA95 is tightly associated with chromatin and the nuclear matrix/lamina network in interphase, and bound to chromatin at mitosis. Intra-nuclear blocking with anti-HA95 antibodies abolishes nuclear breakdown in a mitotic HeLa cell extracts by inhibiting nuclear membrane breakdown and chromatin condensation (1).

Immunohistochemistry: HA95/AKAP8L Antibody

These observations suggest a role for HA95 in anchoring nuclear membranes and lamins to chromatin in interphase, and in releasing membranes from chromatin at mitosis. Alternatively HA95 is not involved in initial binding of membranes to chromatin upon nuclear reassembly and HA95 could be a central platform at the chromatin/nuclear matrix interface implicated in regulating nuclear envelope-chromatin interactions during the cell cycle (2). HA95 is likely to be a multivalent targeting molecule anchoring signaling complexes as well as chromatin remodeling factors in a cell cycle–regulated manner. It will be exciting to determine whether HA95 also harbors specific intrinsic cellular functions. You may also fully explore the relationships between HA95 and any other genes, diseases or pathways using our Novus Explorer bioinformatics tool.

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