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Exosome Marker Antibodies

Antibodies are an essential tool for scientists in biomedical and diagnostic research. Antibodies targeted against exosome associated antigens (exosome marker antibodies: CD63, CD9, CD81, etc.) facilitate the characterization and/or quantification of exosomes in cells, tissues or other biological samples. Novus offers high quality multi-assay/species validated antibodies for various exosome markers and these antibodies are available in several different conjugated formats. Some of the most popular exosome marker targets are: Alix, CD9, CD24, CD63, CD81, CD82 and TSG101.

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The validation data of some exosome antibodies markers is show below:

CD63 Antibody (H5C6) [NBP2-42225] CD81 Antibody (1D6) [NB100-65805]
Flow analysis, A431 human epidermoid cancer cells

ICC/IF analysis, A431 cells

CD9 Antibody (5G6) [NBP2-22187] TSG101 Antibody (4A10) [NB200-112]
IHC-P, Human renal carcinoma

WB, NIH-3T3 (A), JC (B), and C2C12 (C) cells