Phosphoprotein Antibodies

Wed, 02/17/2010 - 09:08

Phosphospecific antibodies, such as our c-Fos, FANCD and Survivin (phos) antibody, target the phosphorylation sites of specific proteins. We at Novus Biologicals have many hundreds of phosphor-Abs, and are constantly expanding our antibody database. Phosphospecific Abs allows analysis of key targets in cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc. They play an important role in the understanding of signal transduction sites, and provide valuable insight into normal cellular function.

The phosphoantibodies we supply at Novus Biologicals are affinity purified mono or polyclonals, specific for target proteins phosphorylated onto amino acid residues – typically serine, threonine or tyrosine. For example, our Survivin [phospho Thr34] antibody is specific for Survivin that has been modified with phospho Thr34. This is a synthetic peptide that has been phosphorylated with threonine (amino acid 34). The antibody is specific to this tag.

Phospho-specific immunoglobulins allow accurate protein analysis in a range of immunodetection applications. The sub cellular localisation of a protein can be determined by immunostaining techniques, and the active state determined by the status of its phosphorylation site/s. Proteins can have more than one site, allowing multiple antibodies and a cleaner, stronger signal – useful when small quantities of antigen are used.

The production of our anti-phospho Abs includes multiple immunisation protocols, and both positive and negative adsorption affinity purification. This ensures high reactivity, high specificity and a robust signal. QC checks for the resultant antibodies include monospecificity for the target phosphorylation site; Western blot analysis of multiple cell lines; peptide vs. polypeptide competition analysis; phosphospecific antibody analysis and mutant signal checks (i.e. ensuring Western blot signals are absent when using site-specific mutant proteins).

Phosphospecific antibodies are routinely quoted in the methodology of scientific papers. We at Novus Biologicals aim to have the largest phosphospecific antibody database in the UK.

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