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TrkB and Nervous System Function

Thu, 08/23/2012 - 11:23

Neutrophins and their receptors play an important role in regulating the development of both the central and peripheral nervous systems. Neurotrophin ligand binding to each of their respective Trk cellular receptors is essential for the growth and survival of neurons. Specifically, TrkB and its primary ligand brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) are rapidly and transiently induced in response to neuronal injury, as monitored by TrkB antibodies, as well as crucial for synaptic plasticity (1).

Immunohistochemistry: Trk B Antibody

Using TrkB antibodies for Western and immunohistochemistry, Unsain, et. al. have found a TrkB to p75 neurotrophin receptor switch intrinsically occurs in neurons subjected to SE (status epilepticus), suggesting neurons in vivo are able to modify their endpoint neurotrophin output through selective modulation of receptor expression and their concomitant ligand interactions (2). As evidence builds that TrkB altered signaling drives tumor formation and metastasis, Desmet, et. al. review the use of pharmacological Trk inhibitors hand-in hand with TrkB antibody confirmation profiles in preclinical models with some encouraging clinical trials in tumor xenografts (3). Another potential application involves BDNF overexpression in the forebrain to correct reduced levels and reduce loss and atrophy of striatal neurons and motor dysfunction in Huntington’s disease as monitored by TrkB antibodies (4).

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