Profiling the Profilin 1 Antibody

Mon, 07/25/2011 - 03:23

Profilin-1, or Pfn-1, is a small actin-binding protein which plays an essential role controlling the growth of microfilaments. Profilin 1 and Profilin 2 have similar biochemical properties but are expressed in different tissues. The Profilin 1 antibody targets the more common form of the protein, which is expressed everywhere but the skeletal muscle. We at Novus Biologicals have an extensive range of Profilin I and Profilin II antibody products in our antibody catalog.

Profilin regulates the spatial and temporal growth of actin microfilaments, thus aiding cellular migration, changes in cellular morphology, and processes such as organ development and wound healing to take place. Profilin mainly binds to actin, but has over 50 binding partners in total. Profilin I antibody studies have shown that the protein may have other functions apart from actin regulation.

Immunohistochemistry: Profilin 1 Antibody

Profilin is mainly found in the cytosol, with the highest levels found in dynamic areas such as the leading edge and ruffling membranes. Although profilin is traditionally thought of as a promigratory molecule, recent profilin 1 antibody studies suggest the protein is down-regulated in certain adenocarcinomas, with reduced expression linked to increased motility of invasive tumour cells.

In 2010, Y.H Bae et al. [PMID: 21115820] showed profilin1 negatively regulates lamellipodin (Lpd), an Ena/VASP ligand and PI(3,4)P2-binding protein, at the lamellipodium (actin protrusion found in highly motile cells). In breast cancer cells, phosphoinositide binding of profilin I inhibited cell motility by negative regulation of PI(3,4)P2. This in turn limited recruitment of lamellipodin and Ena/VASP to the leading edge, and therefore reduced motility.

Our profilin antibody catalog is helping to sculpt researchers' understanding of profilin1-phosphoinositide interaction, and its effect on cell motility independent of actin-related effects.

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