PCNA (Proliferating cell nuclear antigen, polymerase delta auxiliary protein)

Fri, 12/12/2014 - 14:19

PCNA is a nuclear protein essential for DNA replication as well as DNA excision and mismatch repair pathways. It coordinates the recruitment and association of needed components during both of these processes, both of which are essential for cell cycle regulation and cell response to stress.  Through the symmetric association of three identical monomers, PCNA forms a toroidal, ring-shaped structure that encircles DNA. This serves as the scaffold upon which polymerases and other proteins dock and associate.  It has been demonstrated that PCNA binds directly to downstream signaling molecules such as CDK inhibitor p21, endonucleases Fen1 and XPG, and DNA cytosine 5-methyltransferase (MCMT).

Highest expression levels are seen during G1- and S-phases, with expression decreasing in G2- and M-phases. Due to a long half-life (8-20 hours), this marker persists in early G0. Because of this very specific temporally-restricted expression, PCNA is an extremely useful tool for cellular proliferation in both normal and cancerous cells and tissues. The PCNA antibody was used in original cloning and characterization studies from Waseem’s lab1. PCNA holds huge promise as a prognostic marker for a wide range of a cancer types. Malkas et al employed the PCNA antibody in their explorations of a novel isoform of PCNA - known as caPCNA - as a biomarker for breast cancer malignancy2. Schramm et al extensively used the PCNA antibody in immunohistochemical and microarray studies to identify candidates to be pursued as melanoma-specific biomarkers3.  From a large panel of 254 outcome-related genes, their systematic review and bioinformatics-based analysis found PCNA and survivin as the top two candidates. Williams’ group at Yale used the PCNA antibody to demonstrate   both a functional and physical interaction between mismatch repair and Fanconi anemia (FA)-BRCA pathways4.
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