p14 ARF is an Important Tumor Suppressor

Mon, 11/26/2012 - 10:09

The p14ARF (Alternative Reading Frame) tumor suppressor is a protein product of the alternative reading frame (ARF) of the human INK4a locus which regulates a series of cell cycle regulatory proteins to promote cell cycle arrest in response to abnormal hyper-proliferative growth stimuli. p14ARF alterations are common in human cancers and, when inherited, confer susceptibility to cutaneous melanoma (1).

IF analysis of p14ARF in HeLa cells.

It is widely proposed that the p14ARF melanoma tumor suppressor protein functions to protect melanocytes from oncogenic transformation and is mainly a nucleolar protein that directly interacts with MDM2 and regulates the expression of the tumor suppressor protein p53 (2). Immunohistochemical analysis of human lung cancers using anti p14ARF antibodies and subsequent detection of p14ARF protein have been shown to have a better prognosis of NSCLSC (3). Loss of P14ARF gene expression occurs in many malignancies and can abrogate tumor surveillance mechanisms in humans (4) and an increasing amount of evidence indicates that p14ARF may be a critical gene involved in the development of sporadic human tumors including melanoma, osteosarcoma, breast carcinoma, glioma and astrocytoma (5).

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