Desmoglein 3: Examining the Ties that Bind

Fri, 08/16/2013 - 10:33

Desmoglein 3 (DSG3) is a member of the desmoglein (DSG) subfamily. Dsg3 mainly serves as an adhesion component within intercellular desmosome junctions. It is part of the core complex comprising the most prominent cell-cell junctions - the desmosome. Together with the protein desmocollin (DSC), DSG is a key transmembrane adhesion protein that interacts with cadherins of the opposing cell. Homophilic (DSG3-DSG3) as well as heterophilic (DSC3-DSG1) interactions have been documented both in vitro and in vivo. DSGs/DSCs anchor to the intracellular plaque through other adhesion proteins such as plakoglobin, plakophilins, and desmoplakin (which connects to the intermediate filament (IF) cytoskeleton).

Immunohistochemistry: Desmoglein 3 Antibody Immunohistochemistry: Desmoglein 3 Antibody

DSG3 is predominately expressed in stratified squamous epithelia such as epidermis, tongue, tonsil, and esophagus, and is overexpressed in carcinomas. The DSG3 antibody was instrumental in localizing expression of various DSG family members and dissecting desmosome active assembly and regulation (1). Wu, et. al. used the DSG3 antibody to follow DSG3 expression within cell compartments in hair follicle and cysts (2). They found that DSG3 expression correlated with different types of keratinization. Work out of Lucchese’s clinical lab relied upon computer-assisted proteomic analysis of protein sequences and dot blot/NMR immunoassays with a panel including the DSG3 antibody to propose that low sequence similarity to a host’s proteome may modulate peptide epitopicity and aid efforts toward effective peptide-based vaccines (3). Mayo Clinic pathologists relied upon the DSG3 antibody for prognostic studies comparing clinicopathological features of thymic carcinomas and neoplasms (4). DSG3 antibody was also used in another Mayo Clinic study as part of an adhesion marker panel to correlate acantholytic development with tumor invasiveness in squamous cell skin carcinomas (5).

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