Complement C3 - the most important protein in the complement system

Mon, 04/06/2015 - 14:54

The complement system is made up of a collection of proteins found in the bloodstream and is comprised of nine major complement proteins; complement C3 is one of them. The complement system is a crucial component of the cellular immune system because it kills unwanted bacteria and initiates inflammation. Within the complement system family of proteins, C3 is the most plentiful as well as most central protein, and consists of an alpha and a beta chain. The C3 activation step represents the convergence of the lectin, classical, and alternative complement activation pathways. Circulating blood C3 levels are important assessment tools for monitoring treatment efficacy in patients with autoimmune disorders. Individuals suffering from a C3 deficiency are more susceptible to bacterial infections.

Complement C3 antibody WB

Western Blot: Complement C3 Antibody [NBP1-32080] - A. 30 ug 293T whole cell lysate/extract. B. 30 ug whole cell lysate/extract of human C3-transfected 293T cells. 5 % SDS-PAGE.

ABION researchers established a rapid quantification method for complement C3 and Complement C5 and C3 based on immunoassays and chromatography with the Complement C3 antibody (1). They hope that their rapid processing and sensitive detection limits will enable their assay to be used for diagnostic purposes and inflammation patient management. Using the Complement C3 antibody, Stove's group critically evaluated blood sample draw and storage conditions from septic patients to better understand how complement activation artifacts are introduced (2). Li et al relied upon immunoblotting with the Complement C3 antibody in their investigations on human serum proteomes (3).  Their group is hoping to identify serum proteins and peptides that could be good biomarkers for type 2 diabetes. In a Proteome Science publication, Complement C3 antibody enabled Shi's group at the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish and classify serum profiles from pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients (4). With their detailed models, they were able to identify a handful of promising protein biomarkers that will be further investigated with follow-up studies. Recent studies from Maehara’s lab used the Complement C3 antibody to demonstrate the potent effects of the circulating AIM protein on triggering the complement cascade and specific necrosis in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells (5).

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