Bulk Antibody & Protein Ordering

Wed, 12/12/2012 - 08:23

Novus offers discounts for bulk antibody and protein purchases. Get all your questions answered to help you with your next bulk order.

How do I place a bulk order?
Contact the Novus team by phone or email bulk@novusbio.com

  • US office: 1-888-506-6887 (8 am-8 pm EST Mon-Thurs, 8 am-7 pm EST Fri)
  • Canada office: 855-668-8722 (8 am-5 pm EST Mon-Fri)
  • Europe office: +44 (0) 1223 426001 (8 am-5 pm GMT Mon-Fri)

Additionally, all of our datasheets contain a link for a bulk quote. This will take you to a form to fill out all the requirements for your order.

What information do you need to provide a bulk quote?
In order to provide you with the most accurate quote we will need the following information:

  • Product(s) required
  • Quantity
  • Delivery address
  • Contact details (name, email and phone)
  • Custom formulation requests if applicable

How long will it take for a representative to be in contact with me?
It typically takes 1-2 business days for us to provide a quote for your order.

What type of discount or special pricing will I receive?
This will vary depending on the number of items that you would like to purchase. Typically, you will receive a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more, but the offer can vary so please contact us with all the details of your request so that we can provide the most accurate pricing.

Once I place a bulk order, how long will it take to receive it?
This will vary depending on the products you are interested in and the stock status. Our team will keep you updated with lead times and tracking numbers so you know exactly when you will receive your products.

The Novus Customer Service Team is committed to helping you find your products with ease. We will provide a fast turnaround time to answer any questions you may have. Browse our catalog of primary antibodies and other research reagents now to look for products that you can order in bulk.


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