Blue Marker Antibody - a powerful tool for visualizing markers and target protein simultaneously!

Wed, 03/11/2015 - 14:27

Western blotting (or immunoblotting) is a widely used procedure to detect specific proteins in tissues and cell extracts and the Blue Marker Antibody can help make it easier and more accurate to size proteins of interest.  The Blue Marker Antibody (6F4-F6) is a unique monoclonal antibody that binds to and recognizes prestained blue dye molecular weight standards from different vendors. By allowing the user to visualize their prestained marker standards in conjunction with their target protein(s) of interest on the same immunoblot, the Blue Marker Antibody removes the need to manually mark protein marker band locations on X-ray films or data images.

blue marker antibody

Western Blot: Blue Marker Antibody (6F4-F6) [HRP] [NBP2-33376H] - In traditional Western blot analysis the location of each of the protein standards is hand marked on the X-ray film or image after exposure. This can lead to errors and inaccuracy in determining the molecular weight and identity of your target protein (Tubulin and Actin are shown as examples in these images). By using the Anti-Blue antibody in conjunction with your target protein antibodies, you can image the complete molecular weight standard and your target protein at the same time.

By eliminating this commonly occurring source of guesswork that can lead to errors, this antibody significantly increases the charting accuracy and visualization of standards and marker band determinations. The Blue Marker Antibody has outstanding specificity for the blue chromophore only – it does not interfere with immunoblotting detection by other antibodies, nor does it cross-react with any whole cell proteins from other species. Therefore it can be usefully applied to a variety of model species and systems.  The Blue Marker Antibody is available in two formulations – unconjugated and HRP-conjugated to eliminate the use of a secondary antibody

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