ADFP (Adipose differentiation-related protein)

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 15:58

Adipose differentiation-related protein (ADFP; also known as ADRP or adipophilin), is a lipid droplet protein found in most cells and tissues. These lipids droplets may serve as local energy reserves or sources of lipid for membrane synthesis. Furthermore, they may protect cells from the harmful effects of excess lipid accumulation by sequestering toxic lipid species away from pathways leading to cell death (1). ADFP expression is strongly induced in cells with increased lipid load. ADFP was first isolated by differential hybridization screening of 1246 cells during their differentiation to adipocytes. Immunoblot of 1246 cell extracts with an antibody raised against the expressed ADRP showed that the 1246 cells contain a 50-kDa protein, the production of which increases as the cells differentiate (2). These observations suggest that adipocyte differentiation is accompanied by early expression of a mRNA encoding a membrane-associated ADRP. The specific localization of adipose differentiation-related protein to lipid droplets in a wide variety of cells suggests that ADRP plays a role in management of neutral lipid stores.

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