A New Standard in Antibody Testing - Simple Western Certified Antibodies

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 14:36

The Western blot is one of the most commonly used antibody assay techniques in cell and molecular biology research since its development over three decades ago, and is considered the gold standard for protein detection and quantification. The traditional Western blot can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming process, leading many researchers to seek an alternative method that is more efficient, reproducible and quantitative.

Simple Western is a capillary-based, fully automated western blotting system, created by our sister company ProteinSimple®, which is a mess-free and hands off alternative to the traditional Western blot. It is a true walk away system that produces more reproducible and quantitative results.

Novus Biologicals and R&D Systems has begun certification of our antibody product line using Simple Western platforms.  With over 500 antibodies certified so far, you can be sure to see Simple Western data for targets in a variety of research areas. Additional details on the certification procedure can be found here. Browse through our certified primary antibodies, including targets such as beta-Actin, Caspase-9, p62 and GAPDH. We are certifying more antibodies on a continual basis – check back periodically to see an updated list!

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