6-His Epitope Tag: You're It

Fri, 08/09/2013 - 12:24

The 6-His antibody recognizes a very short amino acid sequence epitope that is widely and commonly used as a protein fusion tag, often at the N- or C-terminus of protein constructs. It is a very powerful investigative research toolfor applications such as immunochemistry, protein purification, ELISA purification, and protein localization. While the tab may contain anywhere from 2-10 residues, this 6-His refers to the most common form - the six residue tag. The 6-His tag yields a relatively pure protein in affinity purification methods and unlike other tags that rely upon native conformations, 6-His is ideal for purification under denaturing conditions.

Western Blot: 6-Histidine Epitope Tag Antibody (AD1.1.10) Western Blot: 6-Histidine Epitope Tag Antibody (AD1.1.10)

Novus Biologicals offers several 6-His Epitope Tag Antibodies for your research needs.

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