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Dual oxidase 2 (DUOX2), a reduced NAD phosphate:O2 oxidoreductase flavoprotein, plays a critical role in the synthesis of thyroid hormones by providing thyroperoxidase with hydrogen peroxide, which is required for hormone synthesis at the apical plasma membrane. The discovery of DUOX-2 as a novel source of hydrogen peroxide in the digestive tract, particularly in the cecum and colon, makes it a new candidate mediator of physiopathological processes.

DUOX2 antibodies may be useful tools for thyroid hormone synthesis, hormonal regulation disorders, and certian types of cancer.


Entrez Human
Uniprot Human
Product By Gene ID 50506
Alternate Names
  • NADPH thyroid oxidase 2
  • EC
  • NADPH oxidase/peroxidase DUOX2
  • EC 1.11.1.-
  • NADH/NADPH thyroid oxidase p138-tox
  • nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase
  • Thyroid oxidase 2
  • flavoprotein NADPH oxidase
  • Long NOX 2
  • dual oxidase-like domains 2
  • Large NOX 2
  • NOXEF2
  • P138-TOX
  • LNOX2P138(TOX)
  • p138 thyroid oxidase
  • dual oxidase 2

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Lipid and Metabolism

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