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Custom Conjugation Services

The Novus Biologicals portfolio contains over 55,000 unique antibody-dye combinations. Despite the breadth of our catalog, we understand your research may require personalization. To keep your research moving forward, we provide custom conjugation services tailored to the specifications of your experiment. Our Antibody Lab will custom label many of the primary antibodies available on our website to over 18 different fluorescent or enzymatic labels. Let us simplify the design of your experiment and drive your research forward.

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Available Conjugates

Emission Conjugate Ex/Em
    Horseradish Peroxidase  
     Blue DyLight 405 400/420
     Blue AlexaFluor 405 401/421
     Blue DyLight 350 353/432
     Green FITC 498/519
     Green DyLight 488 493/518
     Green AlexaFluor 488 490/525
     Yellow Janelia Fluor® 549 549/571
     Yellow DyLight 550 562/576
     Yellow PE 565/578
     Red DyLight 594 593/618
     Red APC 650/660
     Red Janelia Fluor® 646 646/664
     Red AlexaFluor 647 653/669
     Red DyLight 650 652/672
     Red PerCP 482/678
     Near IR DyLight 680 692/712
     Near IR AlexaFluor 700 696/720
     Near IR DyLight 755 752/778


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