Bio-Techne’s CiteAb 2020 Researchers’ Choice Award

Tue, 08/04/2020 - 09:58

Bio-Techne receives CiteAb 2020 Researchers’ Choice Award.

By Kate Wilmore

This year Bio-Techne was honored to receive the CiteAb Researchers' Choice Award   . This award recognizes and celebrates the very best suppliers and individuals in the research reagent sector worldwide. The Researchers' Choice category is based on both the quantity and quality of the nominations submitted by investigators, which reflects their opinion on the excellence of products and services offered by life sciences companies.

CiteAb    is a life sciences data provider founded in 2012, with the goal of helping researchers to "find reagents that work". About this year's Researchers' Choice Award, CiteAb founder, Dr. Andrew Chalmers said: "Huge congratulations to Bio-Techne, which received a number of very positive nominations from its customers'.  Dr. Chalmers added, "I  want to highlight that this is not just an award for Bio-Techne, it is also a badge of honour showing that the company is remarkable in its customers eye, as this is in fact the third time in a row that it has won Researchers' Choice!"

Bio-Techne was first honored to receive this prestigious award in 2018   . In 2019   , Bio-Techne's Advanced Cell Diagnostics    (ACD) brand, received nominations from investigators around the globe who were impressed with the industry's unparalleled product, RNAScope™, for the visualization of RNA in tissue and cells, and their excellent customer support. Nominations for this year's Researchers' Choice Award reflect Bio-Techne's commitment to meet the needs and expectations of the global life sciences community. About Bio-Techne, nominators said:

Bio-Techne nominations for CiteAb 2020 Researchers’ Choice Award.

In addition to the 2020 Researchers' Choice Award, Bio-Techne was recognized under the Innovative Product of the Year category. Degradation TAG (dTAG) from Bio-Techne’s Tocris Bioscience brand was highly commended. CiteAb's Innovative Product award celebrates reagents or instruments launched during 2019, which are expected to change the life sciences sector. 

dTAG uses small molecule degraders to engage the cell's machinery in the degradation of a specific protein of interest. The innovative dTAG approach offers key advantages for target validation over genetic and pharmacological approaches.

Learn About dTAG Target Validation from Tocris Bioscience

As we head into the second half of this challenging year, Bio-Techne is grateful for the continued positive feedback from the global life sciences community. Bio-Techne, as a family of brands (including R&D Systems   , Novus Biologicals, Tocris Bioscience   , ProteinSimple   , Advanced Cell Diagnostics    and Exosome Diagnostics   ), continues to innovate and strive to support the scientific community globally in their own breakthroughs by providing exceptional products, backed up by a tailored and agile approach to customer service.

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Rosa Moreno Kate Wilmore   
Marketing Manager - EMEA at Bio-Techne


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