First Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Human Cancer Cells Revealed

Mon, 02/08/2010 - 08:43

Antibody suppliers have seen an enormous growth in the area of DNA repair in recent years. DNA damage causes structural changes within the cell that can cause genome mutations to occur, a common cause of tumour development and an important area of research for antibody suppliers like us at Novus Biologicals.

NER (nucleotide excision repair) is a global genome repair process, activated by DNA damage caused by (among other things) UV light. This is a common cause of malignant melanomas. NER repairs distortions of the DNA helix by excising the oligonucleotide (short strand section) containing the lesion. Reproductive DNA polymerases fill the resultant gap using the undamaged strand as a template. There is also a transcription-coupled form of NER, which prevents modification of the transcription process by damaged DNA. This appears to be more efficient at preventing mutations, which usually occur at dipyrimidine sequences. CpG dinucleotides are also involved.

Recent activity has focussed on the need to create protein catalogues for specific cancer cell lines. Tumour cells vary enormously between individual cancers. Although at least 400 human cancer genes have been identified, these are derived from thousands of individual tumours.

Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin: ERCC1 Antibody

Recently, genetic sequencing of COLO-829, a cell-line from a human melanoma patient, and COLO-829BL, a lymphoblastoid line derived from the same patient, yielded the first catalogue of single-cancer specific somatic mutations.

A total of 33,345 somatic base substitutions was confirmed, the majority of which were C-T/G-A transitions. In addition, there was a high percentage of mutations at dipyrimidine bases and CpG dinucleotides. These are all associated with UV-induced DNA damage. This is of great excitement to us at Novus Biologicals. We foresee our antibody catalog expanding to include many more NER antibodies specific to COLO-829 and other cell-lines.

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