Understanding the relationship between NUT and BET proteins in NMC

Thu, 02/05/2015 - 15:34

NUT has been found to fuse with bromodomain-containing proteins 3 and 4 (BRD3 and BRD4) in NUT midline carcinoma (NMC), a very rare, extremely aggressive, and genetically defined human cancer. NMC has recently been designated as a sub classification of poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. In the majority of NMCs (~75%), most of the coding sequence is fused to form chimeric genes that encode BRD-NUT fusion proteins. This simple chromosomal translocation results in elevated NUT overexpression and is sufficient for malignancy. The actual structure and function of the NUT protein is still unclear.

IHC NUT antibody

Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin: NUT Antibody 

A case report of deceased patient with NMC carcinoma of the mediastinum, as well as an additional literature review of 31 NMC cases, was recently published by Nakamura’s group (1).  Their retrospective review was done in hopes of identifying and linking particular expression and/or immunohistochemical profiles with the disease. Another related retrospective analysis was done by Solomon’s group at the Emory University (2). Their results support the inclusion of NUT in a diagnostic immunohistochemical panel for poorly differentiated carcinomas in the upper aerodigestive tract and mediastinum. Furthermore, Suzuki et al share an intriguing case of lung NMC containing NUT fused to the newly identified partner NSD3 and not BRD3 or 4 as normally seen (3). This unusual variant as well as the accumulation of other NMC variants will prove useful in establishing customized NMC therapies.

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