Transcription Factor Antibodies Used In Landmark Evolutionary Study

Fri, 06/25/2010 - 10:00

We at Novus Biologicals offer a full antibody database targeted to transcription factor research. Recently, CEBP antibodieswere used in a research study exploring the evolution of gene regulation in various vertebrates. The results revealed surprising discrepancies between genomes, and the conservation of transcription factor function over large evolutionary distances.

Transcription factors bind to specific regulatory areas of DNA sites, and direct gene expression by the activation or inhibition of RNA polymerases. They may act independently, or as part of a larger protein complex. The diversity of genes within the animal kingdom means a vast number of transcription factors exist. We at Novus Biologicals have over 2,300 transcription factor-related products in our antibody catalog, with many more yet to be identified.

Western Blot: CEBP Alpha Antibody Western Blot: CEBP Alpha Antibody

CEBPs (CCAAT enhancer binding proteins) are transcription factors which regulate the balance between cell differentiation and cell growth. CEBP alpha is one of several CEBP isoforms, all of which have similar DNA binding mechanisms. CEPB/A antibody studies have shown a possible role as a tumor suppressor, through interaction with CDK and inhibition of mitosis.

Genes dependent on a specific transcription factorare often bound by that TF in multiple species. The recent study sought to trace the evolution of gene regulation through comparing 2 evolutionarily conserved transcription factors - CEBPA and HNF4A – in the liver cells of 5 vertebrate species, including man. The genomes spanned 300 million years of evolution.

By using a carefully structured antibody database, it was shown that, although CEBPA and HNF4A regulate similar target genes in all 5 animals, the binding mechanisms had not been conserved as evolutionary divergence took place.

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