The benefits of Genomic Antibody Technology

Mon, 07/19/2010 - 08:00

Novus Biologicals offers an extensive antibody databasecovering all areas of biological research. Recently, we dramatically increased the scope of our antibody catalog by adding over 800 antibodies created  using Genomic Antibody Technology (GAT), through a new partnership with SDIX (Strategic Diagnostics, Inc.). As we begin creating novel GAT reagents of our own, this database will expand still further – as there are many GAT antibodiesstill to be created.

Genomic Antibody Technology has many advantages over conventional immunization techniques, using a totally novel method in which immunoglobulins are produced using only the DNA sequence of the target antigen. The need for recombinant proteins, peptides and natively sourced antigens is eliminated. Not only does this make the entire process of producing antibodies time and cost effective, it also eliminates the possibility of protein denaturation, a common problem during expression and purification.

Genomic Antibody Technology is not limited to small immunogens. The immunogens to which the antibodieswill be targeted are expressed in vivo, meaning large proteins of up to 100 amino acids can be used, with good native configuration which is presented direct to the immune system. This leads to the expression of high-performing, highly specific immunoglobulins.

In addition to the reagents in our antibody catalog, we at Novus Biologicals work with SDIX to provide custom antibodies to specific antigens supplied by our customers. If you are, for example, studying a specific tumor cell line these proteins can be in short supply or easily denatured. Because custom antibody production using GAT only requires you to supply the amino acid sequence, this is no longer a problem.

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