SOX9 - Be careful, I can reverse your gender!

Wed, 10/08/2014 - 14:38

SOX9 is a member of the SOX family of HMG DNA-binding domain transcription factors. The protein encoded by this gene recognizes the sequence CCTTGAG along with other members of the HMG-box class DNA-binding proteins. cAMP and protein kinase A (PKA) stimulation appear to induce SOX-9 nuclear translocation through its nuclear import upon phosphorylation at two particular serine residues.   It is required for the development and differentiation of multiple cell lineages and is expressed in primary and recurrent prostate cancers. In prostate basal cells, SOX9 supports the development and maintenance of the luminal epithelium. Most likely a subset of prostate cancer cells subverts normal basal cell requirements through unregulated SOX9 expression.

Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin: SOX9 Antibody Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin: SOX9 Antibody


Along with steroidogenic factor 1, SOX9 acts during chondrocyte differentiation to regulate transcription of the anti-Muellerian hormone (AMH) gene. Signaling deficiencies in this particular signaling network lead to the skeletal malformation syndrome campomelic dysplasia, frequently with sex reversal. Studies with the SOX9 antibody from Sharma’s lab indicate that the helix-loop--helix protein inhibitor of differentiation 4 (Id4) regulates normal prostate development by regulating androgen receptor binding to transcriptional response elements1.   Hodgin et al at Columbia relied upon the SOX9 antibody to generate a detailed molecular profile of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) from archived formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) renal biopsies2. Their gene expression microarray analyses revealed novel insights into the pathology of renal injury and structural degeneration.  Vestentoft’s group employed the SOX9 antibody to develop protocols for novel and sophisticated 3D visualizations and reconstructions of bile duct, vessels, and protein expression during liver development and disease3. Novus Biologicals offers SOX9 reagents for your research needs including:


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