Novus Launches Initiative to Uncover the Antibody User's Ideal Experience

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 10:09

The availability of commercial antibodies for a myriad of scientific applications has had a profound positive impact on life science research. It's not surprising that the global antibody market, including therapeutics, diagnostics, and research, is now estimated at $70-75 billion.

And yet, almost half of 400 antibody users surveyed by 1DegreeBio in 2012 reported that that in 50% of cases, their antibodies did not work as expected. That’s a lot of failed experiments—and a lot of money wasted.

In some cases, user error is most certainly a factor. But there are many other problems, all beyond the scientist’s control. It could be that suppliers do not provide adequate protocols and product documentation. It could be a lack of appropriate antibody validation. It could be poor specificity, or too much variability. All these are experimental issues that can contribute to poor antibody performance, yet troubleshooting them can be difficult and ultimately ineffective.

So what’s the commercial provider’s role here? We at Novus want to know.

We are launching a series of quarterly surveys, each designed to comprehensively assess a facet of antibody users’ challenges, uncover their aspirations for a better experience, and ultimately, identify the most effective ways antibody companies can deliver on their expectations.

Our first survey focuses on quality and is now available online. If you use commercial antibodies, we invite you to share your opinions with us. We want to hear from you: are you happy with the quality of your antibodies? Are they meeting your experimental expectations? If not, what can antibody companies change, provide, or improve upon to enhance your satisfaction?

We want to be your go-to provider of high quality antibody products and custom antibody services. This survey is one of many planned initiatives designed to anticipate your needs. It will take no more than 7 minutes to complete, and after you’re done, we’ll give you a little something to thank you for your time. So tell us what you think—and we’ll help you craft your ideal antibody experience!

Please click here to take the survey. If this link does not work, copy and paste the following link into your web browser:

By Bryan Tinsley

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