Identifying JARID2 in Embryo Development

Mon, 10/08/2012 - 09:24

The jumonji (JMJ) gene, obtained by a gene trap strategy, is essential for embryogenesis and is suggested to play important roles in cell growth during development. The amino acid sequence of the JMJ protein includes a nuclear localization signal and a DNA binding motif called the AT-rich interactive domain (ARID). Unlike the other members of the JARID family of proteins, JARID2 has a long N-terminal moiety devoid of characterized domains. Many JMJC domain-containing proteins have been shown to catalyze lysine demethylation, but the residues required for iron and ascorbate binding, essential for demethylation activity, are not conserved in the JMJC domain of Jarid2 (1).

IF analysis of JARID2

JARID 2 has been shown to co localize with EZH2 and MTF2 in embroynic stem cells (ES) as determined by anti-JARID 2 antibodies, suggesting that JARID2 expression is required for the ES differentiation (2). Studies on the interaction of JMJ proteins with other targets will provide important insights into endogenous target gene regulation in various diseases.

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