HnRNP Antibodies Shed New Light on Fight Against Gastric Cancer

Mon, 06/28/2010 - 10:00

We at Novus Biologicals offer many antibodies relevant to cancer research. Among the areas covered by our antibody catalog are the nuclear matrix proteins, which include the heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins (hnRNPs). hnRNP antibodies were recently used in a new study in gastric cancer treatment.

The nuclear matrix is a filamentous and complex network of proteins and RNA fibrils, comprising the fibrous nuclear lamina and numerous nuclear pores. The matrix acts to provide a structural framework for the organization of chromatin (the genetic component of the cell). Once thought to be a fairly static structure, antibodystudies have shown matrix proteins play a dynamic role, interacting freely with chromatin. HnRNP proteins, for example, are involved in various nuclear activities, including pre-mRNA processing, mRNA translation and transcription.

The human nuclear cell matrix has been shown to be tumor specific. The nuclear matrix of tumor cells is distinctly different from that of normal cells. Changes within the structure relate closely to DNA duplication and transcription. This has led to them becoming useful biomarkers in cancer studies.

Recently, a team from Xiamen University in China, studied the expression of nuclear matrix proteins before and after HMBA-induced differentiation of gastric tumour cells. 15 proteins were identified, of which 8 were down-regulated and 7 up-regulated. Antibody assays revealed that nucleophosmin, prohibitin, hnRNP A2 & hnRNP B1 were among the proteins that were significantly inhibited.

Western Blot: hnRNP A2B1 Antibody Western Blot: hnRNP A2B1 Antibody

The antibody results confirmed that specific nuclear matrix proteins are altered during human gastric cancer cell differentiation. Furthermore, they proved the important role the NMP antibody database can play in uncovering the mechanisms regulating cancer cell differentiation and proliferation.

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