GPR78 - an orphan receptor involved in psychiatric illness

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 15:06

G-protein coupled receptor 78 (GPR78) was identified based on homology to other GPCR family members. The GPR78 gene encodes an orphan receptor protein that is 363 amino acids in length and contains the typical seven transmembrane domain found in GPCRs. The protein is widely expressed in the mammalian brain including the pituitary and is also found in the placenta. While a ligand for GPR78 has yet to be identified, its expression pattern suggests a potential role in hormone and stress regulation as well as during pregnancy. Future research with GPR78 antibodies may assist in assays to identify the endogenous and pharmaceutical ligands for this orphan receptor. A study of GPR78 in a tissue culture system demonstrated constitutive activity as well as elevated cAMP levels providing preliminary evidence of GPR78’s function in signal transduction (1). Further investigation using GPR78 antibodies in a tissue culture system may help identify interacting proteins and provide details of signal transduction mechanisms. The GPR78 gene is located on a region of chromosome 4p that is linked to psychiatric illness. In a study performed by researchers at the University of Edinburgh specific GPR78 haplotypes were shown to greatly increase susceptibility to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia (2). This genetic study is an important demonstration of GPR78’s functional relevance and may provide insight into its role in the nervous system. Further research using the GPR78 antibody may help provide mechanistic details of GPR78 in regulating the prenatal environment through its placental expression, a time period implicated in the pathogenesis of psychiatric illness. GPR78 antibodies validated for immunohistochemistry provide essential tools for examining tissue and cellular localization of GPR78. Additionally, GPR78 antibodies validated for western blotting aid the investigation of this poorly characterized protein at the molecular level and help researchers understand its biological role.

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