Glucose Transporter 1 (GLUT1): a Key Metabolic Neuronal Player

Tue, 09/25/2012 - 10:04

Glucose is the principal fuel source for the brain and GLUT1 is the only vehicle by which glucose enters the brain. In case of GLUT1 deficiency, the risk of clinical manifestations is increased in infancy and childhood, when the brain glucose demand is maximal. GLUT1 deficiency syndrome is caused by impaired glucose uptake at the blood–brain barrier and into brain cells, leading to a low glucose concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid in a presence of normoglycemia. The GLUT1 defect can be confirmed by molecular analysis of the SCL2A1 gene or in erythrocytes by glucose uptake studies and GLUT1 immunoreactivity using anti-GLUT1 antibodies (1). In brain, GLUT1 interacts with a network of other specific GLUT1 isoforms mediating glucose transport into astrocytes and neurons (2). More recently, it was suggested that the expression of GLUT1 is a sensitive and specific marker of many cancers. GLUT1 has been proposed as an immunohistochemical (IHC) marker of malignancy in aspiration cytology and body fluid cytology, as well as in surgical pathology of almost any organ site (3). GLUT1 overexpression has been also shown to correlate with an aggressive phenotype of lung carcinomas, the survival of patients with GLUT1 overexpression was significantly worse when compared to the patients with normal expression of GLUT1 as determined by IHC using anti-GLUT1 antibodies(4). Increased GLUT1 expression and glucose uptake enables rapidly growing cancer cells to acquire energy even under hypoxic condition by harnessing glycolysis. GLUT1 plays an important role in the proliferation of cancer cells by supplying energy source, and the expression of GLUT1 is critically balanced by various oncogenes and tumor microenvironment. Taking advantage of the dependence of cancer cells on glycolysis may also be a promising approach for cancer treatment (5). Novus Biologicals offers an extensive collection of   research tools in the form of siRNA, cell lysates and anti GLUT1 antibodies for your research needs.

"]"Immunohistochemistry: GLUT1 Antibody [NB110-39113 Immunohistochemistry: GLUT1 Antibody [NB110-39113
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