Funny Protein Names Infographic

Wed, 04/01/2015 - 10:20

This is not a joke, these proteins with funny names actually do exist. View our list of six proteins with funny and unusual names including: Bambi, Yippee-like 3, Wee1, SPAM1, SPOCK1 and Bagpipe homeobox protein homolog 1. Learn more about their function and molecular weight. Do you have a funny protein name not included on the list? Submit a name in the comment section to let us know which ones should be included in our next infographic.  

Funny protein names Infographic

Novus Biologicals offers reagents for the funny names listed above:


  1. Uniprot
  2. Genatlas
  3. Uniprot
  4. Uniprot
  5. Uniprot
  6. Uniprot

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