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COX2 is an inducible dimeric enzyme belonging to the prostaglandin G/H synthase family that enables cells to respond to growth factors, tumor promoters, and cytokines. Prostaglandins are synthesized through the creation of cyclic endoperoxides from arachidonic acid and COX2 catalyzes the committed step in the biosynthetic pathway.  Initially identified as an immediate early growth response gene, COX2 is induced by a wide variety of stimuli such as lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and peptoglycan (PGN). COX2 is highly expressed in activated macrophages and plays a role in immune response regulation. It has been implicated as a mediator of inflammation as well as a modulator of prostanoid signaling in activity-dependent plasticity. It holds promise as both a marker in immune response regulation studies and an inflammatory disease therapeutic target.

Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin: COX2 Antibody Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin: COX2 Antibody

Additionally, COX2 expression is markedly increased in 85-90% of human colorectal adenocarcinoma whereas the related protein COX1 is unchanged. Wada’s group used the COX2 antibody to study compensatory signaling mechanisms for COX2 in a variety of tissues (brain, macrophages, skin, kidney, and spleen) 1. A research team from China performed immunohistochemistry using the COX2 antibody to identify those genes induced early in oral carcinogenesis through hierarchical clustering based on microarray analysis2. Their data identified COX2 and NFkB in addition to cytokines and cytokine receptors. Immunoblotting with the COX2 antibody helped Kogiso et al understand the role of PPAR gamma in mycobacterial pulmonary inflammation3. Paiotti’s group used the COX2 antibody to evaluate COX1 and COX2 expression in ulcerative colitis (UC) disease to correlate it with clinicopathological parameters4. The COX2 antibody also allowed biochemists to measure the effect of dietary fish oil fatty acids on COX- and lipoxygenase-derived products in the colonic mucosa5.

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