CENPF: At the Center-o'-mere Mitotic Division (Infographic)

Wed, 01/15/2014 - 14:45

Centromere protein F (CENPF) also known as Mitosin, AH antigen, and kinetochore protein CENPF, is a protein that associates with the centromere-kinetochore complex. CENPF forms both a homodimer and a heterodimer. CENPF can be found in different cellular locations depending on the stage of mitosis. During G2 phase of interphase, CENPF is found in the nuclear matrix.  During late G2 into early anaphase, CENPF associates with the kinetochore.  In late anaphase into telophase, CENPF localizes to the spindle midzone and intracellular bridge.  CENPF is degraded by the end of cellular division (1).  The migration of CENPF is regulated by Forkhead transcription factor FoxM1 (2). Accumulating evidence suggests that CENPF is an important protein involved in chromosome alignment and kinetochore-microtubule interaction.  Learn more about CENPF in our infographic below.



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CENPF infographic Download the CENPF infographic.

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