Novus Biologicals provides an extensive line of epitope tags

An epitope is the portion of a molecule to which an antibody binds. Epitope tags are artificial epitopes, also known as antigenic determinants, which are engineered using recombinant DNA technology into a protein sequence by placing the sequence encoding the epitope within the same open reading frame of the protein encoded by the gene sequence. Epitope tags are generally composed of amino acids ranging from 10-15 in length and are usually engineered onto either the N- or C- terminus in order to minimize tertiary structure disruptions that may alter protein function.

Novus Biologicals provides the research community with many epitope tag antibodies, including the most commonly used tags such as:

In addition to these frequently employed tag antibodies, Novus released a new, highly specific rat monoclonal antibody called the OLLAS Epitope tag antibody (NBP1-06713).  OLLAS, an acronym for the E.coli OmpF Linker and mouse Langerin fusion Sequence, has been shown to be detectable at approximately 100-fold lower levels than similar commercially available tags using Novus' rat monoclonal anti-OLLAS epitope tag (L2) antibody, including Sigma's anti-FLAG® epitope tag antibody. 

In their publication in the Journal of Immunological Methods titled Generation and application of new rat monoclonal antibodies against synthetic FLAG and OLLAS tags for improved immunodetection, Park S.H., et al found that when the OLLAS sequence was inserted into recombinant proteins at N-term, C-term, or at internal sites, the OLLAS tag was detected by this OLLAS antibody (NBP1-06713) with very high sensitivity compared to other conventional epitope tags and anti-tag antibodies. The OLLAS epitope has superior functionality in immunoprecipitation and other immunodetection methods, such as fluorescent immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry.

Novus also provides this rat monoclonal OLLAS epitope tag antibody in an agarose immobilized form (NBP1-30083), as well as the following OLLAS vectors and OLLAS kits:



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Release Date: 
Monday, February 8, 2010 - 07:00