Communication between neurons is vital to transmitting information throughout the nervous system. This process, known as synaptic transmission, allows communication between neurons and sensory organs, motor organs, and other neuronal cell populations. Neurons initiate communication by exchanging neurotransmitter activity to the post synaptic side of the cell body, which in turn activates either inhibitory or excitatory effects. Novus Biologicals carries a wide range of primary antibodies to neurotransmitters, receptors, and more.

Pre-synaptic Membrane Markers:
    Ankyrin  SNAP-25
    Syntaxin   VAMP/Synaptobrevin 


Post-synaptic Membrane Markers:
PSD-93 PSD-95


Synaptic Transmission Antibodies: 
 5HT1A   5HT1B
 5HT1D   5HT1E
DBH   Dopamine
GABA Receptors  GABA Transporter 1
    GABA Transporter 2   Glutamate 
  Glutamate Decarboxylase     Glutamine Synthetase
L-DOPA    Norepinephrine
Serotonin     Serotonin Transporter