Novus Biologicals provides new How To Guide for Antibody Labeling

Novus recently posted a guide for using Lightning-Link Antibody Labeling Kits as part of Novus’s How To Teaching Series. Antibody conjugation is one of the best and most prevalent ways to detect and quantify antigens and protein expression. This guide describes techniques applicable to many common labeling methods as well as how to use Lightning-Link Kits, the fastest and most accurate way to directly label antibodies.   

This Antibody Labeling How To Guide details the advantages and disadvantages of directly conjugating labels to primary antibodies versus utilizing a labeled secondary antibody for quantification. Though direct conjugation may reduce the sensitivity of the antibody, indirect conjugation’s extra cost and time make it less practical. Direct labeling remains a slightly complicated procedure, which may deter scientists from switching from the traditional indirect method.

However, the new Lightning-Link technology makes direct labeling easy and more efficient for researchers. Lightning-Link Kits require only 30 seconds of hands-on time, have 100% antibody recovery, and do not require desalting or separation steps. This guide describes the easy procedure and successful results when using Lightning-Link Kits.

This guide also explains other common approaches to antibody labeling as well as key considerations when performing these procedures, i.e. choosing the right buffers and additives and the importance of the purity of the antibody. To view this helpful How To Guide, click here. Browse Novus’ selection of additional How To Guides here.   


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Release Date: 
Thursday, July 15, 2010 - 06:00