Novus Biologicals and AnaSpec Sign Licensing Agreement for HiLyte Dyes

July 21, 2008 - San Jose, CA AnaSpec and Novus Biologicals today announced a licensing agreement that will allow Novus Biologicals to label Novus antibodies with AnaSpec HiLytePlusâ„¢ and HiLyte Fluorâ„¢ dyes. HiLytePlusâ„¢ and HiLyte Fluorâ„¢ are AnaSpec's proprietary series of high performance fluorescent dyes optimized for long wavelength biomarker labeling. "Novus Biologicals has established a strong reputation in the scientific community as a provider of high-quality antibodies," noted Dr. Anita Hong, AnaSpec's president. "We are pleased to partner with Novus in offering the performance advantages of our HiLyte dyes to a broader spectrum of researchers." "After thorough evaluation, we are pleased to incorporate the HiLytePlusâ„¢ and HiLyte Fluorâ„¢ series of fluorescent dyes into the Novus line of antibodies," stated Karen Padgett, Novus Biologicals' president. "The addition of high performance dye labels to our antibody collection will provide a significant enhancement to the research tools available to our customers."

Release Date: 
Saturday, July 21, 2007 - 06:00