New Lightning-Link Conjugate & Conjugate Pairs Available from Novus Biologicals & Innova Biosciences

The Lightning Link kits now come in a huge array of available labels for all of your antibody labelling needs. In addition to the standards such as HRP, AP, Biotin, Fluroescein, and PE, you can now conjugate your single vials of antibody with the full range of Cy Dyes and Atto Dyes. Atto Dyes come in 10 different wavelengths for complicated signal reporting. Tandem conjugation is also possible now with Cy5.5/PE and Cy5.5/PerCP kits available. More kits are being released on a regular basis. Lightning-Link kits allow the end user to conjugate single vials of antibody without loss of product, purifications, or non-specific signals! Why hassle with secondary antibodies and complications they bring when you can conjugate your primary antibody simply and easily.

Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 17, 2008 - 07:00