Lightning-Link Antibody Labeling Kits Positively Reviewed by Researchers

Lightning-LinkTM Antibody Labeling Kits, distributed by Novus Biologicals, are the easiest antibody labeling tool available to help you directly label your primary antibody.  Lightning Link kits require only 30 seconds of hands on time and antibody recovery is 100%. Novus provides over 40 different labels to which you can easily label your antibody, including enzymes such as HRP, fluorescent proteins like R-Phycoerythrin, biotin, and tandem labels like PE/Cy5.

Novus has received 21 customer reviews of Lightning-Link kits. The Lightning-Link HRP Antibody Labeling Kit (catalog # 701-0000) was given five out of five stars in a review submitted by Jianfu Wang, a researcher at NovoDiax (view review here).  Wang used the HRP kit for immunohistochemistry on human sections and stated: "This conjugation kit worked beautifully. Procedure is so simple. We are satisfied by the final staining result."  Several other researchers have reviewed this HRP antibody labeling kit with similar high ratings.

Zoie Holzknecht, a researcher at Duke University, used the Lightning-Link PerCP Antibody Labeling Kit (catalog # 718-0015) for immunofluorescence and gave the kit five out of five stars (view review here).  When asked to report on the use of the PerCP Lightning Link kit, Holzknecht said: "I was under severe time restraints and did not have time to optimize the protocol. The product worked very well with the directions given and was very simple to perform."

Antibody labeling, also called antibody conjugation, is a widely used technique in molecular biology research.  Learn more about Lightning Link kits and antibody labeling techniques in general by reading Novus' Antibody Labeling Guide here.

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Novus Biologicals is a biotechnology company whose mission is to accelerate scientific discovery by developing and marketing unique products in the forefront of science.  Novus Biologicals provides primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, conjugated antibodies, proteins, peptides, isotype and loading controls, RNAi, lysates, stem cell lines and antibody labeling kits to the bioscience community.  All of Novus' products are 100% guaranteed to work in the species and applications listed on the datasheet.  By serving niche and emerging markets, Novus Biologicals has formed and will continue to form ongoing partnerships with leading researchers.



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