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custom protein services

Novus Biologicals has a large catalog of over 50,000 highly purified proteins. Despite the breadth of our catalog, we understand your research needs may require a more tailored solution. Our custom protein production services will quickly express and purify any protein to your exact specifications. We can also scale-up protein production for large, industrial projects without compromise and have it shipped to you in as few as 7-8 weeks!

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Protein Expression and Purification Services

The process to design, express, and purify your protein of interest can be time-consuming and labor intensive. Let our experienced scientists synthesize your target gene and optimize protein expression and purification from any of the 4 available expression systems. We provide quality control data every step of the process to verify the purity and activity of each custom protein.

Gene Synthesis and Cloning

custom protein production services gene synthesis and cloning

  • Ensure maximum yield of protein for even the most difficult of sequences with our complimentary Codon Optimization Service.
  • Customized Site-directed Mutagenesis Service is available.
  • 100% sequence agreement verified before shipping.

Expression Systems

e.coli protein services yeast protein services Baculovirus- Insect protein services mammalian protein services
E. coli Yeast Baculovirus- Insect Mammalian
  • Reliable protein expression and scalable production from micrograms to kilograms.
  • Multiple expression systems from prokaryotic (E. coli) for simple and fast, cost-effective projects to eukaryotic systems for proteins requiring complex folding and post translational modifications
  • Optimized experimental parameters to minimize the risk of project failures and delays.

Purification and Quality Control

Novus QA

  • High protein recovery and purify, typically >90% as assessed by SDS-PAGE analysis with higher levels available upon request.
  • Final purified protein is available with or without purification tags, and lyophilized or prepared in a customized buffer. Component free buffers available upon request.
  • Standard quality control data includes protein concentration (BCA/Bradford method) and SDS-page analysis. We also offer additional quality control data if needed: N-Terminal Sequencing, C-Terminal Sequencing, HPLC purity analysis, and Endotoxin levels test.

Request a quote below and simply fill out the order form with detailed information about the protein you want expressed. Email it back to us and customer support representative will return a quote to you in just a few days! For any question about our custom protein production services please email

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