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The monoclonal antibody 20d5 reacts with an epitope common to the NKG2A, NKG2C and NKG2E isoforms of the CD94/NKG2 heterodimer, a member of the c-type lectin family of inhibitory receptors. Mouse CD94/NKG2 is a natural killer (NK) cell receptor for the non-classical MHC class I molecule Qa-1b. (2, 3) NKG2 is expressed on NK cells, lymphokine-activated killer (LAK) T cells, and some CD8+ memory T cells. Two-color immunofluorescent staining with the 20d5 antibody reveals two distinct NKG2+ phenotypes within the NK1.1+CD3- spleen cell population: NKG2hi (50%) and NKG2low (50%). With the exception of DBA/2J mice, NKG2 is expressed on NK1.1+ cells from all mouse strains tested (C57BL/6, BALB/c, 129/J, C3H.SW, AKR/J, SJL). (1)


Entrez Human
Uniprot Human
Product By Gene ID 3821
Alternate Names
  • CD159A
  • CD159a antigen
  • NKG2-B
  • NKG2-A/NKG2-B type II integral membrane protein
  • NKG2-A
  • NKG2-A/B type II integral membrane protein
  • CD159a
  • NKG2-1/B activating NK receptor
  • NKG2
  • natural killer group protein 2
  • NKG2-A/B-activating NK receptor
  • natural killer cell lectin
  • NK cell receptor A
  • C-lectin type II protein
  • CD159 antigen-like family member A
  • NKG2AMGC59791
  • MGC13374
  • killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily C, member 1

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