New STRO-1 Antibody Announced by Novus Biologicals

STRO-1 is a stromal cell surface marker that is useful for stem cell research. Novus' new mouse IgM monoclonal STRO-1 antibody (catalog number NBP1-48356) recognizes a cell surface antigen expressed by stromal cell precursors in human bone marrow and is novel due to its ability to bind to stromal cells in vitro.  The STRO-1 antibody cross-reacts with human and has been tested for use in flow cytometry, immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence and Western blot analysis.

The STRO-1 clone is nonreactive with blood mononuclear cells but binds to approximately 10% of bone marrow mononuclear cells. STRO-1 can be used to isolate cells capable of long-term bone marrow cultures that retain the capacity to generate adherent layers. Novus' anti-STRO1 antibody is applicable for the generation of adherent stromal cell layers from both fresh bone marrow and from long-term bone marrow cultures and enrichment for fibroblast colony-forming cells.

This STRO-1 antibody has been twice published by PJ Simmons and B Torok-Storb.  One publication outlines how the STRO-1 antibody allows for the recognition of stromal cell precursors in human bone marrow (PMID: 2070060) and the other utilized Novus' STRO-1 antibody to identify CD34+ cells (PMID: 1720038).


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Release Date: 
Monday, October 25, 2010 - 06:00