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Simple Procedures. High Sensitivity. Low Background.

(Available within the U.S. only.)

Vector Lab IHC/ICC kits

Vector Lab IHC/ICC kits

Vector Laboratories is a trusted manufacturer of high quality reagents for use in Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunocytochemistry (ICC).

Novus is teaming up with Vector Laboratories to offer researchers the most advanced, quality research products 100% Risk Free. Troubleshoot with our exclusive technical support team of highly qualified scientists and if the problem persists, Novus will provide you with a free replacement or a 100% refund. Guaranteed!

Vector® Mouse on Mouse (M.O.M.) Immunodetection Kits

Localize detection of mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue samples.

Eliminate Background.

Mouse on Mouse Immunodetection Kits

Sections of mouse intestine were treated under the following conditions: A) no primary antibody + MOM blocking, B) with primary antibody but no M.O.M. blocking, or C) with primary antibody + M.O.M. blocking. Sample B and C were probed with mouse anti-mouse Ki67 antibody. All samples were stained with standard anti-mouse IgG HRP polymer secondary antibody and DAB (brown), and counterstained with hematoxylin (blue). Note: background IgG staining in Sample B.

The Vector® M.O.M. Immunodetection Kits are useful in any mouse-on-mouse application, such as studies in genetically engineered mice, including transgenic and knock-out models, as well as mouse xenografts. These products enable significant reduction of endogenous mouse Ig staining when using mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissue.

Amplified Signal. Available with avidin-biotin complex or biotin-free HRP polymer technology!

Avidin-Biotin (ABC) Technology

Mouse on Mouse IgG HRP polymer immunodetection kit

  • Avidin-Biotin Complex Reagent is versatile and can be used to detect any molecule that is biotinylated
  • Suitable for multiple applications
  • Complexes remain stable for many hours after formation

Vector® M.O.M. (Mouse-On-Mouse) IgG HRP Immunodetection Kit

Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) Polymer-based Technology

Mouse on Mouse IgG HRP immunodetection kit

  • Micropolymer technology provides outstanding sensitivity and accessibility
  • Ready to use, one step HRP Polymer reagent
  • Best for samples with high levels of endogenous biotin

Vector® M.O.M. (Mouse-On-Mouse) IgG HRP polymer Immunodetection Kit

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Novus offers researchers the largest catalog of high-quality reagents to fit their individual needs. Choose from secondary antibodies using either ABC or polymer-based signal amplification technologies. Available conjugated with either Alkaline Phosphatase or HRP for antigen detection. Reduce experiment time by using Vector’s Excel Staining Kits with ready-to-use amplifier reagents, and avoid image fading with VECTASHIELD Mounting Media.

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