Over 24,000 Antibodies Validated for IHC

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is an invaluable tool for scientists, allowing the fixation of a target of interest and a snap shot of the interactions that are occurring at a specific point in time.

Novus Biologicals has over 16 of years experience in supplying antibodies and reagents to the research community. Search by your target of interest and narrow your search further by the following:conjugation, host species, clonality, species reactivity and application using the drop down menus.We supply over 38,000 products validated for use in immunohistochemistry.

IHC Protocols
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IHC Image of LC3
IHC Image of GFAP
IF Image of DGR8

Staining of LC3 on human brain, cerebral cortex, neurons with cell processes using NB100-2220.

Immunocytochemical detection of APE-ref-1 in breast cancer cell line MDS231 using NB100-116.

Immunofluorescent staining of human cell line A-431 shows positivity in nucleus but not nucleoli & cytoplasm using NBP1-86813.

IHC Image of HIF-1 alpha
IHC Image of GFAP
IHC Image of Integrin beta 1

Anti Hif-1 alpha, NB100-479
Staining paraffin embedded placenta villi.

Anti GFAP [4D11]
NBP1-47782 staining paraffin embedded thryroid carcinoma tissue

Anti Integrin beta 1,
NBP1-50305 staining formalin fixed paraffin embedded Human prostate.

IHC Image of caspase 3
IHC Image of TLR10
IHC Image of AKT1

Anti caspase 3, NBP1-50299, staining human small intestine.

Anti TLR10, NB100-80840, staining formalin fixed, paraffin embedded Human cerebellum tissue.

Anti AKT1, NBP1-89159, staining Human gall bladder