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Modified Histones Antibodies for Epigenetics Research

Epi-Plus® antibodies are the most well validated antibodies available for epigenetics research. All Epi-Plus®  antibodies are multi-assay validated, including testing by dot blots using modified peptide arrays, western blots, and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP). To compliment this line of antibodies, Novus also provides ChromataChIP® Kits, to guide researchers through the process of Chromatin Immunoprecipitation.

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Histone Mark

Blocking Peptide

NB21-1001 Histone H3 [monomethyl Arg2] Antibody H3R2Me1 NB21-1001PEP
NB21-1002 Histone H3 [asymmetric dimethyl Arg2] Antibody H3R2Me2a NB21-1002PEP
NB21-1012 Histone H3 [phospho Thr3, Monomethyl Lys4] Antibody H3pT3/K4me1  
NB21-1013 Histone H3 [phospho Thr3, Dimethyl Lys4] Antibody H3pT3/K4me2  
NB21-1015 Histone H3 [phospho Thr3, acetyl Lys4] H3pT3/K4ac  
NB21-1021 Histone H3 [monomethyl Lys4] Antibody H3K4Me1 NB21-1021PEP
NB21-1022 Histone H3 [dimethyl Lys4] Antibody H3K4Me2 NB21-1022PEP
NB21-1023 Histone H3 [trimethyl Lys4] Antibody H3K4Me3 NB21-1023PEP
NB21-1024 Histone H3 [acetyl Lys4] Antibody H3K4Ac NB21-1024PEP
NB21-1037 Histone H3 [monomethyl Lys4, phospho Thr6] Antibody H3K4Me1/pT6 NB21-1037PEP
NB21-1038 Histone H3 [dimethyl Lys4, phospho Thr6] Antibody H3K4Me2/pT6  
NB21-1039 Histone H3 [trimethyl Lys4, phospho Thr6] Antibody H3K4Me3/pT6 NB21-1039PEP
NB21-1051 Histone H3 [phospho Thr6] Antibody H3pT6 NB21-1051PEP
NB21-1052 Histone H3 [monomethyl K9, phospho Thr6] Antibody H3K9Me1/pT6  
NB21-1053 Histone H3 [dimethyl Lys9, phospho Thr6] Antibody H3K9Me2/pT6  
NB21-1054 Histone H3 [trimethyl Lys9, phospho Thr6] Antibody H3K9Me3/pT6  
NB21-1062 Histone H3 [asymmetric dimethyl Arg8] Antibody H3R8Me2a  
NB21-1063 Histone H3 [sym dimethyl Arg8] Antibody H3R8Me2s  
NB21-1071 Histone H3 [monomethyl Lys9] Antibody H3K9Me1 NB21-1071PEP
NB21-1072 Histone H3 [dimethyl Lys9] Antibody H3K9Me2 NB21-1072PEP
NB21-1073 Histone H3 [trimethyl Lys9] Antibody H3K9Me3 NB21-1073PEP
NB21-1074 Histone H3 [acetyl Lys9] Antibody H3K9Ac  
NB21-1081 Histone H3 [acetyl Lys9, Lys14] Antibody H3K9Ac/K14Ac  
NB21-1091 Histone H3 [phospho Ser10] Antibody H3pS10  
NB21-1092 Histone H3 [phospho Ser10, Thr11] Antibody H3pS10/pT11 NB21-1092PEP
NB21-1101 Histone H3 [phospho Thr 11] Antibody H3pT11 NB21-1101PEP
NB21-1132 Histone H3 [asymmetric dimethyl Arg17] Antibody H3R17Me2a  
NB21-1141 Histone H3 [monomethyl Lys18] Antibody H3K18Me1 NB21-1141PEP
NB21-1142 Histone H3 [dimethyl Lys18] Antibody H3K18Me2 NB21-1142PEP
NB21-1143 Histone H3 [trimethyl Lys18] Antibody H3K18Me3 NB21-1143PEP
NB21-1144 Histone H3 [acetyl Lys18] Antibody  H3K18ac  
NB21-1162 Histone H3 [dimethyl Lys23] Antibody H3K23Me2 NB21-1162PEP
NB21-1164 Histone H4 [acetyl Lys16] Antibody H3K23ac NB21-1164PEP
NB21-1193 Histone H3 [Trimethyl Lys27, phospho Ser28] Antibody H3K27Me3/pS38  
NB21-1202 Histone H3 [symmetric dimethyl Arg2, dimethyl Lys4] Antibody H3R2Me2s/K4Me2 NB21-1202PEP
NB21-1251 Histone H3 [monomethyl Lys36] Antibody H3K36Me1 NB21-1251PEP
NB21-1252 Histone H3 [dimethyl Lys36] Antibody H3K36Me2 NB21-1252PEP
NB21-1253 Histone H3 [trimethyl Lys36] Antibody H3K36Me3 NB21-1253PEP
NB21-1254 Histone H3 [acetyl Lys36] Antibody H3K36Ac  
NB21-1341 Histone H3 [Monomethyl Lys56] Antibody H3K56me1  
NB21-1343 Histone H3 [Trimethyl Lys56] Antibody H3K56me3  
NB21-1383 Histone H3 [Trimethyl Lys79] Antibody H3K79me3  
NB21-2000 Histone H4 [phospho Ser1] Antibody H4pS1 NB21-2000PEP
NB21-2011 Histone H4 [monomethyl Arg3] Antibody H4R3Me1 NB21-2011PEP
NB21-2024 Histone H4 [acetyl L5] Antibody H4L5Ac  
NB21-2077 Histone H4 [acetyl Lys16] Antibody H4K16ac  
NB21-2089 Histone H4 [dimethyl Lys20] Antibody H4K20Me2 NB21-2089PEP




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