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ChromataChIP Kits

Novus’ ChromataChIP Kits help you perform chromatin immunoprecipitations efficiently and accurately. All kit’s components have been optimized to ensure simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Why choose the ChromataChIP kit?

Easy to use – Straightforward protocol will allow you to start chromatin immunoprecipitations immediately.

Saves money – More cost effective than buying and testing separate components. All components have been individually tested to be the best in class. These critical components include:

  • Magnetic Protein A/G beads – With magnetic beads, you save time by performing quick washes and save money by using less antibody with each IP. Agarose bead users must first pre-clear and block the beads in order to minimize background, which is unnecessary with magnetic beads. Agarose also adds time to every wash because users must separate the beads from washing buffers without pipetting up any of the beads or leaving behind any excess wash. Magnetic beads require no blocking, no centrifugation, and beads completely separate from buffers allowing higher recovery.
  • Positive control antibody and primers – We include a vial of our Epi-plus H3 K4Me3 antibody with every kit. This, along with a human RPL30 primer set, will take the guess work out of ChIP.
  • DNA purification columns – These best in class columns, consistently give you maximum recovery in under 10 minutes, without messy phenol/chloroform cleanup.
ChromataChIP kit workflow infographic


Agarose Beads

Magnetic Beads

Preclear and Block Beads Required Not Required
Background Signal High Low
False Positives High Low
Protocol Time Longer Shorter
Amount of Antibody Used More Less
Can be Automated No Yes

ChromataChIP Kit Components

Novus' ChromataChIP™ Kits come with the key components you need to perform Chromatin Immunoprecipitation, including a colorful, step-by-step protocol pamphlet to walk you through the 5 main phases of ChIP. Download the colorful ChromataChIP kit protocol booklet.

Explore ChromataChIP Kits

• Positive Control Antibody (H3K4Me3)
• Protein A/G Magnetic Beads
• DNA Purification Kit
• Positive Control Primers (RPL30)
• 10X Glycine
• IP Dilution Buffer
• IP Wash Buffer 1
• IP Wash Buffer 2
• IP Wash Buffer 3
• IP Wash Buffer 4
• IP Elution Buffer
• NaCl solution
• Proteinase K
ChIP Image

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