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Trypsinogen Antibody
Trypsinogen Antibody
Species: Bv
Applications: WB, ELISA
Host: Rabbit Polyclonal
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Trypsinogen has been shown to have certain intrinsic activity. It is usually considered, however, as the inactive precursor of trypsin which may be activated by removal of a terminal hexapeptide to yield single-chain b-trypsin. Subsequent limited autolysis produces other active forms having two or more peptide chains bound by disulfide bonds. The predominant forms are a-trypsin, having two peptide chains and b-, a single chain. Different activity and thermal stability are shown by a- and b-trypsin.


Alternate Names
  • Brain trypsinogen
  • serine
  • Trypsin IV
  • Trypsin III
  • Trypsin 3
  • Trypsin 2
  • TRYP8
  • TRYP2
  • TRYP1
  • TRY3. TRY4
  • TRY2
  • TRY1
  • TRP1
  • TRP 1
  • PRSS4
  • PRSS3
  • PRSS2
  • Protease
  • Pancreatic anionic trypsinogen
  • Mesotrypsinogen
  • Cationic Trypsinogen
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