The pCMV-NS-OLLAS vector provides a convenient vector to express recombinant proteins under control of the CMV promoter with both an N-terminal OLLAS tag and a DYKDDDDK tag. Using this vector the protein will be secreted from the cell due to the inclusion of a signal peptide. We recommend inserting your protein of interest into the vector in frame using the Xba I and EcoR I/Not I restriction sites shown above. Bacterial selection can be performed using Kanamycin, while Neomycin resistance can be used for screening mammalian transfectants. The OLLAS tag has been shown to be detectable at ~100-fold lower levels that similar commercially available tags using the OLLA-2 monoclonal antibody. The OLLAS tag has also been demonstrated to provide superior functionality whether used as an N-terminal, C-terminal, or internal tag on recombinant and fusion proteins without interfering with the biological activity of the tagged protein.


Alternate Names
  • xxxDDDDK epitope tag vector
  • FLAG vector (FLAG is a trademark of Sigma Aldrich)
  • Enterokinase Cleavage Site tag vector
  • Enterokinase Cleavage Site epitope tag vector
  • ECS tag vector
  • ECS vector
  • DYKDDDDK vector
  • DYKDDDDK epitope tag vector
  • DDDDK vector
  • OLLA-2 vector

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