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RecA-1 Antibody (HIS52)
RecA-1 Antibody (HIS52)
Species: Rt, Ch(-), Gp(-), Gt(-), Mu(-), Po(-), Rb(-), Sh(-)
Applications: ICC/IF, IHC, IHC-Fr
Host: Mouse Monoclonal


RECA-1 reacts with rat endothelial cell antigen and showed to be reactive with all vascular endothelium in three tested rat strains of different MHC-haplotype; Lewis (TR-11), BN (RT-1n) and OA (RT-1u). RECA-1 recognizes a cell surface antigen. The antibody has been successfully applied in staining of viable endothelial cells in vitro, and of vascular endothelium in vivo. No reactivity of RECA-1 was seen with other cells e.g. fibroblasts, leukocytes and non endothelial stromal cells nor with other various tested species other than rat e.g. mouse, rabbit, sheep, goat and human. RECA-1 is a promising antibody for rat endothelial cell studies, and in particular for further defining nature and function of endothelial cell specific antigens.


Alternate Names
  • RecA protein
  • Recombinase A
  • recaLP
  • RecA2
  • RecA1

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